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The Kind of Products that Demand Counter Display Boxes

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Display boxes are the devices of persuasion, marketing, and sales. They are placed on the check-out counters for a very good reason: they sell. They lure the customers into buying products placed in them when the customer is about to check out.
They are dangerous and the last resort of every retailer out there who wants to deprive the customers of the last few dollars and cents in their pockets. However, there is something special to these boxes. You either use them wisely to get maximum sales, or your choose them for the wrong type of products and see how this idea of yours turns into a big fail.
In this blog post, you are going to learn as to how to use the counter display boxes to your level best, what type of products must be used in them and what kind of products better not to be placed in them.

Let us have a look at the kind of products that demand counter display boxes:

1.      Edibles

Yes, those candies, chocolates, chewing gums and other delights! They distract the kids and grownups at the same time. Edibles perhaps make the biggest number of products to be placed in counter display boxes. There is a perfect reason for it. People do not think about edibles, especially those which are not required to find the home in the kitchen unless they are done shopping.

Now that the customers are done shopping and they are about to check out, they can think about something for personal use and to satisfy the taste buds. Bingo! This is exactly when they get to notice the edibles displayed in a counter display box and they decide to buy them. So, edibles are the best type of products to be displayed in counter display boxes.

However, the type of edibles that you can find in counter display boxes varies. These products include, but are not limited to, candies, chewing gums, coffee sashes, snacks like cupcakes packed in airtight packaging, chocolates and a lot of different and similar products.

2.      Cosmetics

There is a proper reasoning behind making counter display boxes and how people fall for the products packed in this type of boxes. Take cosmetics products for an example; they are not edibles but the reason why they are chosen for the counter display boxes is the same as that for the edibles.

The biggest buyer demographic that comes to shop for person or family is women. Just like kids can get compelled to buy items placed in counter display boxes, women also feel compelled to pick a lipstick or eyeliner from a counter display box, just a few minutes before check out.

The philosophy is to hit someone when they are vulnerable and when they might consider buying something for themselves after they are done doing this for the family.

The type of cosmetics that you find in display boxes varies. However, big cosmetic boxes or products are definitely not suitable for counter display boxes. You would mostly find small and compact products such as lipsticks, nail polish, and mascaras in counter display boxes.

3.      Miscellaneous

However, edibles and cosmetics are not the only items that are found in counter display boxes. There are many other products as well. We will put them in the miscellaneous category because those products do not belong to one group.

For example, consider shaving razors for men or medicine. Commonly found household medicine is often sold in counter display boxes. These are over-the-counter medicines which can be easily found in any big mall or small retailer shop’s counter display boxes. Also, other random products such as lip balms, chapsticks, oils and pocket perfumes can also be found packed in counter display boxes.

Apart from these three big groups, there are many categories and products which demand custom made counter display boxes. Keep learning and make sure to use counter display boxes, they are wonderful tools for sale and marketing.